Cyber Week Special—Save 50% on the HelloVacay Ambassador Membership

Normally $79 per year, you’re invited to save 50% on a HelloVacay Ambassador membership.

  • Private Rates on Hotel Bookings (up to 60% off public rates!)
  • Available at over 150,000 properties worldwide
  • VacayDelay Airport Lounge Access for Flight Delays
  • HelloLounge Anytime Access: 20% off per visit Coming soon!

How HelloVacay Works

HelloVacay has negotiated access to private travel rates with the largest travel inventory suppliers in the world for our select partner communities.

Normally, these rates are not permitted to be publicly available, but we’ve created a unique opportunity for our community to enjoy access to truly private travel rates.

HelloVacay Ambassador members enjoy 7-60% off public rates at over 150,000 properties worldwide.

About VacayDelay

One of the perks of your Ambassador membership is VacayDelay airport lounge access for flight delays.

Simply register your flight number and the names of your fellow passengers and we'll track your flight's status.
In the event of a flight delay over 60 minutes, you can ease the wait in an airport lounge!
We'll shoot an SMS to your mobile number alerting you to grab your PDF vouchers.

Available at over 1300 airport lounges around the world!

See VacayDelay FAQs