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Say Hello to a New Kind of Exchange and Rental—built for owners by owners. Praesent ac facilisis justo. Nullam sagittis nulla urna, vel consequat erat vulputate eu. Duis vitae accumsan sapien, sed ullamcorper leo.

The Problem

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Can’t always use but paying exchange fees anyway

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Can’t exchange—no availability; exchanges selling to third parties

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Don’t want to be a property manager to rent it out

The Solution

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Value Proposition

Three layers of development

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Private, 'wholesale' inventory sources

In the same way that there are aggregates for public booking sites (e.g. Kayak), HelloVacay is uniquely positioned to be a private rate aggregate for specialized sources of inventory including our partner, Priceline’s private rates, heavily discounted timeshare inventory and ‘last-minute’ deals.
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Travel club-style benefits

HelloVacay can offer a similar array of benefits to what is found in the expensive and commitment-heavy travel clubs. Attraction and sightseeing discounts, concierge and airport lounge access are all within reach for our members.
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World-class technology

HelloVacay has the opportunity to greatly improve the user experience by leaning into a more consumer-friendly ‘conversational commerce’ approach. Additionally, we see value in establishing a decentralized travel currency for user rewards and utility in booking travel.

Founder Achievements

A History in Hospitality


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Early 2022

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Late 2022

Outsourced resort marketing solution

Acquired agreements with roughly 20 resorts and property management agencies for rental inventory rights with more on the way


After success in bringing roughly $12 Million annually in shared revenue with The Priceline Group previously, HelloVacay was able to secure a partnership for private rate inventory.

Source inventory & technology build

HelloVacay will pursue various sources of private and deeply discounted inventory (e.g. timeshare). At this time, it will become necessary to build unique, custom web and mobile applications.

Travel club-style benefits

Travel-related value like discounts, concierge and VIP lounge access that are bundled into the expensive travel clubs can, likewise be bundled into our affordable and flexible subscription-based membership.

Decentralized rewards token utility

Rewards points, airline miles and travel credits are well established in the travel industry. We see an opportunity to create a high value, decentralized travel rewards token on blockchain technology.

Contact Us

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Please use the form below to send us your information and a brief message.

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