Airport Lounges are a much needed oasis for frequent and infrequent flyers alike—have you used one?

The Ultimate Guide to Surviving a Long Layover—The Airport Lounge

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This winter it seemed like everyone I spoke to had at least one family member who’d been delayed by bad weather. Usually right in the midst of the holidays. And even if you’re not delayed for a day and a night, we all have been there when we have four hours to kill in our between flight layover. Usually at those twilight hours when nothing is open. So what do you do?
Airport Lounge Interior
Well, you can shamble around the airport, try to hide your head with your coat and watch something on the ground next to the trash can, or you can head towards the promised land… the Airport Lounge.

It's time to upgrade your airport experience. Step into an airport lounge and enter a world of luxury! From complimentary drinks and snacks to comfortable seating areas, lounges offer exclusive benefits for travelers who are willing to invest a little extra for convenience that goes beyond the typical airport hustle-and-bustle.

Question is, what exactly do airport lounges prove—and more importantly, how can you get in?

Airport Lounge in Marrakech, Morocco

The Perks of the Airport Lounge

So, what do you actually get with an airport lounge?

An Oasis

Perhaps the most important (and obvious) advantage to having airport lounge access is, well, the lounge! While airport lounges vary, one thing that you can count on is a comfortable and peaceful environment—the calm in the middle of the storm.

Charge up, literally by plugging in your items at conveniently placed outlets and metaphorically by reclining back in a comfy chair and using free wifi to stream a show.

Snack Up

Eating at airports is a bit like dining in the amusement park, expect high prices without any of the roller coasters. With an Airport Lounge, enjoy free snacks, water and even sometimes alcoholic beverages! That’s right, the Airport Lounge even can provide a stiff drink.

Grab a bite before you board your plane at no cost to you.

Family Haven

I don't need to tell any parents that traveling with children adds a whole new dimension to the airport. A dimension full of pain. Just kidding. Kind of. In all seriousness, sometimes a little space can make all the difference when it comes to managing the family.

Some lounges even have kids areas and amenities dedicated strictly to the little ones, we recommend checking them out.

The Digital Office

For those of you who are flying for business and see an opportunity to use that layover and get some work done, we all know waiting at the gate can be a distracting experience. Bring some focus and zen to your layover.

Use workstations, connect to free wifi, and just generally enjoy an environment where you can actually get your work done.

Airport Lounge Interior

Getting Access to the Lounge

So, you’re sold and now it’s time to make that lounge dream a reality… but how do you get in?

Pay the Toll

Many Airport Lounges offer a day pass at the check in desk, or use an app like LoungeBuddy to find a day pass on the go.

Purchase a Membership

Through your airline of choice you can buy a membership to their lounges—some services even offer a yearly membership to a network of lounges (think Priority Pass).

Airport Lounge Interior

Credit Card Benefits

Many get access to lounges through their credit card (like American Express). Usually these cards will require some form of annual fee for the feature, though it will allow quick access to many lounges.

Join HelloVacay

Last, but not least, how could we forget our own service. HelloVacay is currently working with lounge access providers to give our users lounge amenities. Stay in the loop with us and join our free membership as we get closer to integrating this feature.

Click the link here to join our whitelist and get a free Pilot Passport membership as soon as we launch.


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