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A couple of interesting things are happening in the U.S. right now. One, for many professions, work is becoming less and less dependent on location thanks to the rise of the all-encompassing Zoom meeting. Two, the state of the U.S. economy is inflating rapidly, the prices of just about everything are on the rise, and people are being squeezed tighter than ever for cash. This is especially true in some of our larger cities like LA and New York. As a result, a growing number of people are migrating.

Now, for some, the best option will be to move out to the country where land is cheap to create a life for themselves. Some people are even creating small communities, living a lifestyle considerably different than their urban and even suburban counterparts (see more about that here).

I support all of the above, but today this article is for those city slickers who don’t necessarily want to move away from the metropolis but are thinking about seeing what some other cities have to offer.

There is a third and final factor, however, one important for this article. Many investors and developers in the blockchain space have been moving away for tax and freedom purposes (keep in mind that we aren't advocating for or advising you on this). Crypto’s legality and taxability have been up for debate for the last decade or so, with some countries banning cryptocurrency altogether and others leaving the doors wide open for its trade.

Now if we were looking at what areas are the most influential in the crypto sphere, some of the hot spots are San Francisco, Washington D.C, and Miami. But again, these are some of the most expensive places on the planet, places that people are migrating away from! So, let’s see some of the best cities the globe has to offer if you’re looking to be involved in the future of blockchain and live within your means.

Top five crypto cities: Lisbon, Portugal

5. Lisbon, Portugal

Average Rent (1BR Apartment): $800/month
Population: 3.2 Million
Safety: 8/10

We’ll start our tour with Lisbon, one of the very few countries that does not tax capital gains on cryptocurrency. Their NHR (non-habitual resident) program is very friendly to entrepreneurs and investors alike. Lisbon hosts a few annual blockchain conventions, most notably ETHLibson and Solana Breakpoint. All these factors have led to the burgeoning international crypto community.

Beyond the beautiful beaches and ideal weather, the healthcare system in Portugal is one of the best in the world. But let’s not downplay the views; Lisbon has a remarkable set of historical monuments and a unique architecture that are the cherry on top of this stunning coastal city.

4. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Average Rent (1BR Apartment): $300/month
Population: 15 Million
Safety: 6/10

By far the cheapest and largest city on the list, with 15 million people in total, Buenos Aires is a behemoth. This year (in fact, just last month in April), Buenos Aires began allowing residents to pay their taxes with cryptocurrency—and in general, the Argentinian government has pushed to integrate more and more crypto friendly policies.

Despite its massive population, Buenos Aires is a relatively cheap city to live in (in part thanks to government subsidies that bring down the costs of everything from transport to education to housing). This city has earned the title “the Paris of South America” due to its opulent museums and neoclassical architecture. Prepare for humid summers and cold winters in this Argentinian metropolis.

Top five crypto cities: Zug, Switzerland

3. Zug, Switzerland

Average Rent (1BR Apartment): $1,500/month
Population: 30,000
Safety: 10/10

Home to the “Crypto Valley”, a cluster of blockchain related firms and foundations, today there are over 900 crypto related companies in the region. This is in part because of its extremely low tax rates compared to the surrounding regions. Not to mention they became the first government agency to accept taxes paid through cryptocurrency, an extremely progressive act back in 2016 when it passed.

Zug is the most expensive spot on our list, but with its lakefront views and serene Swiss architecture, it’s clear to see why. This is also by far the smallest destination on our list, and can really be considered a large town rather than a city. For those of you who are looking to live out your Swiss getaway dreams while also managing your portfolio, Zug is the spot.

Top five crypto cities: Toronto, Canada

2. Toronto, Canada

Average Rent (1BR Apartment): $1,450/month
Population: 2 Million
Safety: 8/10

Toronto is the adopted home of Vitalik Buterin and the birthplace of Ethereum, so in a way, it’s a seat of crypto royalty. Canada has long been a forerunner in the crypto space, the Bank of Canada even tried to integrate blockchain technology a few years back! Today the Canadian government has a crypto ETF, beating their southern neighbor to this investment option.

Toronto is probably the coldest city on this list, so be sure to pack your winter coat. That being said, during the summer it gets quite warm, enjoying 80 degree highs in July. Full of food, nightlife, and entertainment, the 6ix (as it’s known by its natives) is sure to be an entertaining destination.

Top five crypto cities: Ljubljana, Slovenia

1. Ljubljana, Slovenia

Average Rent (1BR Apartment): $750/month
Population: 290,000
Safety: 9/10

Alright, don’t be intimidated by the name. Known for its dedication to blockchain technology, Ljubljana constructed “the Bitcoin city” a mega shopping structure with over 450 shops that all take cryptocurrency. Even outside of the shopping centers, the city boasts 1333 crypto-friendly restaurants, bars, and sports venues. They have a flat 10% tax on large crypto transactions.

Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia, and the city's origins trace back to antiquity when the Roman city of Emona stood in the area—so once again you’ll be surrounded by historic European architecture. Beyond this, prepare for summer festivals, a green energy city, and great food in this eastern capital.


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