Winter Travel Tips for Cold Weather Destinations

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Winter is officially here! With cold weather comes ski slopes, snowmen and most importantly (for the sake of this article on Winter Travel Tips) the opportunity to see the northern hemisphere in its frostiest season.

Now for this article I am assuming that you’re headed somewhere that reflects the season this winter. If you’re on your way to the beaches of Miami, maybe you don’t need to pack those long john’s after all.

Winter Travel Tips: Mountain Lake Scene


Tis the Season for Thermals

Thermals and lightweight layers in general will be your best friend when you’re flying into a frigid area. Don’t be ashamed to put on the long johns.

Bring Waterproof Boots and a Good Coat

This might be common sense but it’s easy to forget – if you don’t have these items they’re a worthy investment for any prolonged exposure to the cold.

Bring Bags for Dirty Clothes

Particularly a trash bag or a few plastic bags will work, and come in handy for everything from dirty clothes to damp clothes wet from melted snow.

Bring Hand Warmers

Has science gone too far? We say no, we’ve finally developed the technology required to keep our hands toasty in almost any environment. Don’t sleep on these.

Charge Your Devices

Another simple but essential step in the packing process, make sure all your devices are fully charged for your travels – you won’t regret it!

Only Pack Items You’ll Wear at Least Twice

To be honest I’m calling myself out on this one because it’s my cardinal packing sin. It’s easy to overpack, next thing you know you’ve forgotten essentials because you brought five pairs of shoes for five days. Less is more!

Winter Travel Tips: Wintry Motif


Start Looking for Tickets / Locations Early

This one may be common sense, but that doesn’t make it any less essential. Planning your trips out even a few months in advance can be the difference in great prices and a beautiful stay and laying your head on a questionable pillow.

Check your Flight No Matter What

Even if you’re headed somewhere sunny, winter storms are notorious for stranding people around the holidays. Check your aircraft’s journey and be sure it hasn’t been delayed on it’s way to you and (hopefully) won’t be delayed on your way to your destination.

Rebook Your Flights for Free

On the note of checking your flight, know that many airlines will rearrange your flights if there is bad weather for holiday travel – they have whole teams dedicated to tracking the weather and rescheduling! Sometimes airlines will even waive fees to rebook customers who are switching their flights because of bad weather.

Winter Travel Tips: Travel by Train

Try a Train

Services like Amtrak allow you to bring on board two fifty pound bags for free, making it far easier to transport gifts around the holiday season. Get on the tracks and avoid clogged highways and congested airports.

Overdress for the Plane

A classic hack, have a big coat that’s hard to pack? Wear it. Layering is your friend as you become a little extension of your suitcase.

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