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by | Nov 28, 2022 | Discount Travel, HelloVacay

Who couldn’t use a good discount? In fact, these days I don’t just want a good discount, I need one. If you’re alive in 2022 and you don’t need to pinch pennies… congratulations! Even if that is the case, we all know that a great deal never hurts.

So, we decided to compile a list of our favorite discount services, subscriptions, websites and platforms. Not all of these work quite the same way, but all of them share that thing that’s most important—they’ll save you a boatload of money.

Best Savings Sites: Image of Thrifty Person

Best Savings: General


We thought we’d kick our list off with one of the most tried and true ways to save a buck, the coupon. And yes, Groupon is the digital coupon king.

Library Card

Yes, your local library has a lot to offer! Obviously this will vary based on your location (and I can’t speak to areas outside of the U.S) but your library will at least have books—it will also probably have movies to borrow, computers for use and more.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is different from most of the services on this list in that it connects consumers directly to other consumers. And yet, because of this it may also have the best deals possible. Find things discounted and even free—and if you’re feeling especially entrepreneurial flip these deals online to make some cash!


Could Costco go in the food and drink section below? Absolutely. Is Costco a one stop shop for far more than cheap hot dogs and bulk tortilla chips. Absolutely. Whether it’s prescription glasses, gasoline or a new comforter (which I highly recommend) Costco is one of the best discount memberships available.

Best Savings Sites: Food

Best Savings: Food & Drink

Misfits Market

Looking for organic produce delivered directly to your door? Misfits Market bills itself as being up to 40% off grocery store prices by delivering you the ugly fruits and veggies that usually get passed over. Definitely the choice if you like your produce with a little personality.


Yes, the subscription economy has even made its way to vino. This wine club is an excellent way to be exposed to excellent new wines without breaking the bank. Trust us, it beats Bevmo.

Bean Box

Ah, coffee—the lifeblood of the 9 to 5, the modern man’s soma. Bean box is another subscription service that delivers artisan coffee at affordable costs. Fill your cup of joe at average joe costs.


So, this option is for your furry companions—if you’re looking for discount dog and pet food, Chewy has a number of excellent options.

Best Savings Sites: Entertainment

Best Savings: Entertainment

AMC Stubs: A-List

As a big movie buff, this is probably my favorite option on this list (aside from HelloVacay of course!). For $24 a month you can see 3 movies a week without paying any ticket fees. And if you live in LA like me, that means basically for the price of one movie a month you can see twelve! To all my cinephiles out there, this one’s pretty unbeatable.

Xbox Game Pass

To anyone who has an Xbox, you really don't need to stress about buying many games. With a starting price of $1 a month gain access to over 100 games and get free xbox live online access so you can play with your friends.


Reading is so rewarding, enriching, and also kind of time consuming. If you're a commuter (and there are less and less of us these days thanks to Zoom) this one is almost an essential. With a catalog of free classes and a monthly token to redeem new books, this is a great one for those of you who want to be reading more but feel like giving your eyes a rest.


Yeah yeah, this one is kind of a cop-out because it’s obvious but TRULY the amount of free content on YouTube is astounding. Any skill you’ve wanted to learn, subject you're curious about delving into, comedian or podcast you can think of—almost all of them exist for free here. Sometimes I even find full Audiobooks and Movies. Bottom line… YouTube has an abundance of free treasures

Best Savings Sites: Travel & Leisure

Best Savings: Travel

Scott’s Cheap Flights

Flight discounts are rare. The margins are just not there to cut down on expenses the way that resorts and hotels can. But, that being said, Scott’s Cheap Flights does a great job of squeezing as much savings juice out of a tight industry as they can. They’re an excellent tool if you’re a bit flexible too, and can take advantage of last minute discounts.


Yep, it’s what you’ve all been waiting for. HelloVacay offers a membership that can get you anywhere from 5%-70% off hotels and resorts usual rates. Obviously I’m a little biased, but trust me—these deals are legitimately lower than anything you can find without a membership (Without them, my girlfriend and I's trip to Australia would’ve been a trip to Outback).

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