Top Winter Getaways to Escape the Cold or Enjoy It

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The space heater stays on, it gets dark at 4:30 and my bed is a little bit harder to get out of in the morning. That’s right, as of the 21st winter will officially arrive for us in the northern hemisphere. So, in honor of the snowiest season we decided to compile a list of our Top Winter Getaways, our favorite destinations for this time of year.
Top Winter Getaways: Snowy Nighttime Homes

Some of these top winter getaways might honor the cold, some of them might be a way to escape it, but all of them will make for an unforgettable experience.

Winter Wonderland

Top Winter Getaway: Yellowstone, Wyoming

Is Yellowstone beautiful during the summer? Yes. But, spoiler alert, Yellowstone is always beautiful. During the winter season Yellowstone is much more intimate than usual, with far less visitors than the summer months. Enjoy the hot springs, spotting animals (like the bisons with their winter coats), and a snowcoach tour.

Top Winter Getaway: Zermatt, Switzerland

This one is for all you skiers out there – how can you go wrong with the iconic Matterhorn? Beyond the amazing mountains, Zermatt has the charm of an old european village – we highly recommend a visit over the holiday season to get into the spirit.

Top Winter Getaways: Blue Pond, Hokkaido, Japan

Top Winter Getaway: Hokkaido, Japan

Japan’s northern region is a perfect place to visit during the snowy season. It’s a place where nature still rules, with plenty of lakes, national parks and even volcanoes. The image that first put Hokkaido on the map for me is the magical Blue Pond – which looks even more ethereal during the winter time.

Top Winter Getaway: Copenhagen, Denmark

Do pictures of Copenhagen during winter look like a fairytale Christmas marketplace? Yes. Does Copenhagen live up to these pictures? Yes. If you’re looking to visit an urban winter wonderland, this is your destination.

Escape the Cold

Top Winter Getaway: Key West, Florida

Fruity cocktails, Florida beaches, roaming chickens, Hemingway’s House – what’s not to love about the very tip of the Sunshine State? The Key West rarely falls below 75 degrees Fahrenheit, and so is a great place to escape the cold all winter long.

Top Winter Getaway: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is both a city and a pinnacle of human ingenuity. It’s a place where you can relax on warm beaches year round, and you won’t even realize the island you're on is probably man made! Look down on the world from the top of the world’s largest building (the Berg Khalifa or go out to the desert and drive an ATV across the dunes.

Top Winter Getaways: Escape the Cold in the Southern Hemisphere

Top Winter Getaway: Bangkok, Thailand

Winter happens to be one of the best times to visit Thailand’s famous capital – the weather is warm and monsoon season is over. See the city’s canals in a Thai long tail boat, visit the Grand Palace and the great reclining Buddha, and don’t miss the city's legendary nightlife.

Top Winter Getaway: Saint Lucia

Yep, one more tropical getaway. With plenty of Unesco sites to see and breathtaking trails, be sure to bring both your swimming trunks and your hiking boots for this one.


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