The Maya Train Officially Opens, Connecting Top Destinations Across Mexico’s Yucatán

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Mexico’s Long-Awaited Maya Train Tourism Railway is about 50% Complete and has Welcomed its First Riders.

After years of planning and construction, Mexico's grand tourism railway – the Maya Train – welcomed its first riders in late 2023. The maiden voyage took travelers to the project's opening celebrations on December 31st, kicking off full railway operations in early 2024.

Maya Train: Campeche

The Route: (So Far) 16 Stops at the Yucatán’s Best Destinations

Stretching over 900 miles (1500 kilometers) through the Yucatán Peninsula, the Maya Train makes 16 stops at key towns, ecological parks and renowned Mayan ruins. The route forms a loop connecting both the Caribbean coast hotspots and cultural sites tucked deep inland.

Ultimately, there will be 34 stops as the route completes in a matter of weeks. As of February 2024, the route currently available is from Cancún to Campeche.

When the loop is complete, it will look and run like this:

Maya Train: Route Map

Route Map from

Starting from Cancún in the northeast, the train makes stops at resort areas like Playa del Carmen and Tulum with their renowned beaches, before heading inland. Deep in the Peninsula's jungle interior, riders can access Chichén Itzá, Mexico's most iconic archeological gem, as well as view wildlife at the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve.

Continuing around the loop down to the south, trains roll through Campeche's colorful colonial capital, then head west for Mérida, the cultural heart of the Yucatán. More beach towns and ruins can be explored around Izamal, before completing the circuit back up in Cancún.

Maya Train Accessibility and Convenience: Integrated Transport Makes Connections Easy

With its accessible, sustainable electric trains integrating airports, buses and ferries, the Mexican government has delivered on its vision for connecting the Yucatán. Locals and business owners along the line look forward to an economic boost from tourism. However, the true impact remains to be seen after operations stabilize in 2024.

Affordability and Flexibility: Customizable Hop On/Hop Off Fares

The Maya Train offers customizable travel options to suit different plans and budgets. Fares vary by distance traveled, for the full distance from Cancún to Palenque is approximately $120 US dollars.

Soon to come: tickets will allow for unlimited hop on/hop off access in either direction over the course of 5 days. This will make The Maya Train more flexible than your average railway – you can split up your long journey and stop to explore multiple destinations along the way on a single ticket.

Multigenerational Trip Ideas: Beach Resort
You won’t be locked into specific trains or a fixed itinerary. As long as you stick to the 5 day validity from first boarding, the trains can be used as moving basecamps for exploring the peninsula. First class, second class, and even specialty trains like the panoramic-windowed Maya Observation Train are all coming soon.

It will also eventually be possible for riders to begin their journey from any stop along the line, not just the Cancún starting point. However, booking the full circuit from Cancún allows you to take in the most ground across the varied landscape and archeological highlights.

With multiple fare classes and 5 days of customizable hop on/hop off travel spanning over 1500 km, visitors have the freedom to explore world-famous destinations and hidden local gems at their own pace.

Maya Train: Coba

The Perfect Way to Experience the Spectacular Yucatán

For travelers, the railway unlocks one of Mexico's most rich and diverse regions on a grand scale. The ability to hop between renowned resorts and remote Mayan sites quickly in comfort represents a completely new way to experience the magnificent history and landscape of the Yucatán Peninsula.

The Maya Train Project Pros & Cons

As with any large-scale infrastructure project there are controversies and very real concerns. Here’s a recap of the overall pros and cons. Read more here on the history, opposition, and concerns.

Multigenerational Trip Ideas: Beach Resort


  • Boosts tourism accessibility to the Yucatán region, opening up both well-known sites and off the beaten path destinations
  • Integrates airports, bus routes, and ferries for convenience
  • Affordable and flexible hop on/hop off fares make exploration easy
  • Brings economic opportunities to small towns along the railway route
  • Fast, comfortable, and sustainable electric train transit
  • Preserves Mayan heritage and cultural learning experiences


  • Environmental impact concerns about deforestation and effects on jungle wildlife
  • Opposition from some indigenous groups over lack of early consultation
  • Questions around total costs, debt burden, and economic viability
  • Potential over tourism issues without careful management
  • Archeological sites may require upgraded conservation efforts
  • Benefits may be unevenly distributed along the line
  • Success depends heavily on ongoing operational execution beyond the full opening
The Maya Train is a hugely ambitious, transformative infrastructure project for Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula. If managed conscientiously, the railway has enormous potential for showcasing Mayan history and driving sustainable regional development through tourism.

But its scale brings inevitable growing pains around mitigating environmental and cultural impacts. Striking the right balance will determine if the Maya Train fulfills its promising vision.

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