The Year of Saying “Yes!”—7 Daring Travel Resolutions for 2024

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The new year brings fresh starts and opportunities for growth. And while most resolutions target improving health, relationships, or organization, dedicating some goals specifically to travel can tremendously enrich our lives in those other areas as well.

How we spend our precious vacation time and dollars reflects what really matters to us. So rather than recap the usual resolutions, why not focus on your growth as a traveler? Whether it’s transforming into a more adventurous jet-setter, eco-conscious wanderer, or culturally connected explorer in 2024, here are 7 travel resolutions to choose from:

7 Daring Travel Resolutions for 2024

1. Immerse Yourself in a New Culture

Venturing outside comfortable and familiar territory challenges us to gain new perspectives. Make it your mission to experience an entirely different region from your go-to destinations. And instead of a quick pitstop, dedicate at least a week to absorbing the vibe and way of life. Sign up for a local language course beforehand to deepen connections during your trip. Bring an extra suitcase of curiosity and surrender your assumptions at the border crossing!

2. Tread Lighter as an Eco-Traveler

Commit to offsetting your vacation carbon footprint this year. Replace a flight with a train journey, choose LEED certified green lodgings, and support local businesses. Pack reusable water bottles, shopping bags and utensils so as not to leave additional traces. Slow down to bike, walk or kayak for lower emissions transport options. When we change habits at home and away, those small sustainable travel efforts really add up!

7 Daring Travel Resolutions for 2024

3. Meet the Locals Who Shape the Places

It’s the people that infuse cities and small towns everywhere with culture. Yet busy tourism agendas often provide little opportunity for meaningful local interactions beyond quick transactions. Forge connections with residents in 2024 through in-home dining options, hiring a local guide for insider perspectives, or simply striking up conversations. Discover the soul of a destination through those who live there and sustain its heritage.

4. Conquer Those Travel Fears

If you have travel trepidations holding you back, let 2024 be the year you face them! Nervous flyers can enroll in fearless flier courses and use mental exercises to ease worries. New explorers should start with manageable destinations before working towards that distant dream trip. Those bitten by the travel bug can challenge themselves with more adventurous activities to continue growing.

7 Daring Travel Resolutions for 2024

5. Master the Basics In a New Language

Speaking even rudimentary phrases in a local language opens doors to meaningful interactions everywhere you explore. Peruse language apps to start grasping vocabulary or grammar fundamentals in the local language at your next destination. Progress from basic greetings and phrases to navigating conversations. Locals will appreciate your efforts and connections will click faster when you can converse using basics.

6. Appreciate Destinations More Deeply

Rather than racing to snap selfies at crowded attractions, consciously designate getaways this year for immersing yourself more purposefully. Partake in walking tours unveiling hidden backstories, linger longer observing day-to-day rhythms, or simply put devices down to take in subtle details easily missed. Allow yourself to meander sans plans to stumble upon exotic eats or quiet oases whispering invitations to sit awhile.

7. Establish a Dedicated Travel Fund

Pursue treasured trips without counting pennies or accruing debt this year. Open a separate high yield travel savings account and commit to regularly depositing funds that will safely compound over months. Establish automatic transfers from each paycheck no matter how modest and watch balances grow. Supplement with a side-gig, freelancing, or leverage credit card points towards excursions. Anticipate future voyages made possible purely by disciplined saving and smart budgeting habits cultivated over time.

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The new year offers a blank slate—and passport—to transform ourselves through travel. Select whichever resolution resonates most to intentionally explore, sustainably wander, or curiously connect beyond previous limits. Where will your 2024 travel resolutions lead?


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