Cities with the Best Nightlife in the World

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Not all trips are the same, and while some may envision sun lit beaches and golden sands when they think of their ideal vacation, sometimes we have a different vision in our minds. When the sun goes down, the fun goes down. For those nocturnal animals out there, we decided to compile a list of the cities with the best nightlife in the world. These are spots where you can stay out all night and sleep all day with zero regrets knowing that you’ve seen this city during its finest hours.

(In no particular order…)

Nightlife in Las Vegas: City skyline at dusk

Las Vegas, USA

Sin City is an obvious but accurate choice when it comes to the cities with the best nightlife in the world. With resident musicians, magicians, dancers and all sorts of other acts that will put you into a trance—there are endless options so long as you have the cash to spend. Vegas also has the full range of dining options from cafeteria food halls to fine dining establishments.

And of course, what would a trip to Vegas be without a roll of the dice? Gamble all night and party all day at a poolside club. Strip clubs, walk-in gun ranges, and a mix of individuals both international and American (from red and blue states) means that even if you just came to people watch, you’re in for a show. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Seoul, South Korea

Let the Soju flow! Time to take a loveshot, book a Noreagang (a private singing booth extremely popular in Seoul) and grab some Korean barbeque to get the night started. Whether you hit the refined and futuristic clubs of Gangnam with style or dance like a fool in Hongdae with the artsy underground crowd, expect to find yourself in good company across the city.

On top of all this, you're looking at an extremely safe and affordable city so expect a night out that's safe for both you and your wallet. Grab a hangover-relieving popsicle the morning after. Note: Drugs are highly illegal in South Korea, but that doesn't stop any of their citizens from having a good time so it shouldn't stop you!

Check out our article on tourist traps in Asia here and see what parts of Seoul we recommend and which parts we would avoid.

Nightlife in Berlin: Aerial shot of the city at night

Berlin, Germany

Berlin has so much more to offer than just WW2 history and Techno. Though, the Techno here is legendary. Time to down a Club-Mate (Berlin’s energy drink of choice) and dance your heart out at Berghain. Not feeling Berghain? Check out an ice-bar or admire the view from bar 203.

The history here is interesting, when the wall came down and those on the east side could leave many did. In their wake was an abundance of cheap real estate, ripe for the picking for young (and mostly broke) artists to come together and create. We recommend checking out the classic article In Berlin You Never Have to Stop.

New Orleans, USA

Trade EDM for live Jazz, take a stroll down Bourbon Street (or even better, Frenchman Street), and embrace the unique culture, food and frequency of NOLA. Not looking for a drunken stroll down the streets? Take in some southern elegance at the upscale cocktail lounge Cure.

Of course, if you take a trip to the city during its annual celebration Mardi Gras, prepare to see a whole new level of debauchery. If you want to catch it this year you better hurry, it starts February 21st and celebrates the French explorers who first landed in the region (but let's face it, these days it's just an excuse to party).

Check out our article on tourist traps in North America here and see what parts of New Orleans we recommend and which parts we would avoid.

Nightlife in Bangkok: Aerial shot of the city at night

Bangkok, Thailand

Can it be chaotic, hectic, insane and a stark contrast from Thailand's tranquil beaches? Yes. Is it an almost guaranteed good time? Yes. And while Bangkok certainly has its rowdy areas when the sun goes down it also has a more sophisticated side.

Check out the sky bar and enjoy views of the entire city if you're trying to get above all the madness. But to tell you the truth, this may just be the place to have the unforgettable and uninhibited party experience you've always imagined.

Ibiza, Spain

The revelers' Mecca, if you're looking for nightlife at some point in your life you should make the pilgrimage to Ibiza. Listen to the greatest DJs in the world, dance at the beach all day, visit venues that are like amusement parks. This Spanish wonderland seems to have been built for partying.

Check out Privilege, the world's largest nightclub or get foamed at Amnesia. Take a trip down to the clubs of Ibiza Town, and just generally revel in the island lifestyle.

Nightlife in Buenos Aires: Shot of the city at night

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Think you can hang with the Argentinians? Prepare to stay up until dawn with the Porteños (citizens of Buenos Aires) and then some if you're exploring the “Paris of the South”. Hit up Rojo Tango for a mix of tango, cabaret and fine dining as you enjoy your three course meals. Or check out some of the calmer bars of Recoleta.

Buenos Aires also has a thriving speakeasy scene, with underground bars and hidden doors dotted across the city. Florería Atlántico is one example, a cocktail bar hiding away beneath the deceiving exterior of a flower shop. All in all, this is a generally affordable city with plenty of life lasting all night long.

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