Pedestrians Walking in one of the Most Walkable Cities on the Globe

The Most Walkable Cities on the Globe

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There’s something romantic about walkable cities. The idea that you can wander to your heart's content and run into cafes, museums, fine dining and historic sites is an appealing one. And on a practical note, sometimes dealing with a car rental or even worse, constant ride-share hailing Ubers, Lyfts and Cabs, can be an expensive affair. Lace up your shoes, here’s a list of our favorite walkable cities on the globe.

Pedestrians walking in Ginza, Chūō, Japan

Tokyo, Japan

With a unique blend of modernity and tradition, enjoy a safe, clean and truly massive city that is still extremely navigable by foot. The largest city in the world boasts a vibrant street life, with plenty of delicious food stalls, walk-in karaoke bars and cultural attractions to explore.

New York City, USA

One of the most walkable cities in the United States, Manhattan in particular is a pedestrian paradise. Check out SoHo, Greenwich Village, Time Square and The Met before you even begin touching the other four boroughs.

Vienna, Austria

This endlessly charming European city is full of amazing architecture, classical music and historical sites. In a way walking this city may feel like taking a lap around a previous era.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

“The Paris of South America ” earned its name for a reason, full of diverse neighborhoods and old European architecture—these streets are made for walking. Walk through the barrio of La Boca if you’re an art lover to take in the various galleries and painted streets.

Pedestrian push-to-walk signal in London, England

London, England

Time to hop on a red double decker bus and get a layout of the town—then hop off and start walking! In spite of being a huge city, in reality many of London’s best sites are within a small radius. Check out Covent Garden and walk down the thin streets of Cecil Court.

Vientiane, Laos

Laos’ capital city Vientiane is a fusion of both Laotian and French cultures. Nestled against the Mekong River, Vientiane’s tree-lined streets are beautiful for walking. We highly recommend checking out the Buddhist temples and French/Laotian architecture.

Marrakech, Morocco

Rug weavers, spice sellers, and endless Souks (North African marketplaces) will make Marrakech an extremely vibrant city to explore on foot. See the UNESCO World Heritage Sites that exist within the Medina of Marrakech.

Melbourne, Australia

From the Alexandra Gardens to the Royal Botanic Gardens, walk along the Yarra River and take in Australia’s second biggest city. Head up to the top of the Eureka Tower and enjoy a view of Victorian architecture, various skyscrapers and the beautiful bay.

Venice, Italy - Pedestrian Zone

Venice, Italy

In a city where cars are not allowed, you can trust that this is one of the truly walkable cities—as long as you count gondolas too! We recommend seeing this surprising small and extremely stunning city by foot so that you can truly take in the detail of each nook and cranny.


This multicultural bastion is known for its three main ethnic enclaves —Little India, Chinatown and the Arab Quarter—all of which are extremely walkable. Enjoy Singapore’s ‘five foot ways’ which will shelter you from the elements as you walk.

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