VacayDelay is Becoming HelloLounge

Given a change with our lounge service provider, we are prohibited from continuing to offer free lounge access for flight delays.

We realize this news may be disappointing in the short-term.


Our commitment to disrupting the travel industry and creating an unparalleled travel experience for our members is unchanged!

We are just weeks away from being able to deliver you on-demand lounge access similar to “Priority Pass,” but with NO ANNUAL FEES.

What This Means for You

If you were a VacayDelay Lifetime member, we have changed your HelloVacay membership to a LIFETIME Ambassador (typically $599).

If you were a one-year VacayDelay member, we have upgraded you to an Ambassador membership (typically $199/year) until December 31, 2025.

Benefits VacayDelay Ambassador
Private rates on hotels up to 60% off
Anytime Lounge Access *entry fee
Delayed Flight Lounge Access *free *entry fee

You'll see these updates on your membership page the next time you login!

We feel confident that we can exceed your expectations with your updated benefits and our very-near-future offerings. Please see “A Look at What’s Coming” below.

While our terms of use acknowledged the remote possibility of a service discontinuation, we are also disappointed that free lounge access for flight delays is no longer allowable. If you have any questions or concerns after reviewing your new benefits and what’s to come,  please get in touch: [email protected]

A Look at What’s Coming