HelloVacay Points & Prizes

Thank you for sharing about your HelloVacay membership.

In order to be eligible for our grand prize drawing and other prizes, rack up points by helping us spread the word.

It takes just a moment to earn your points by sharing about your HelloVacay membership OR by taking a simple alternate action.

Once you reach 25 points, you’ll be able to mint your Pilot Passport.

Your Pilot Passport gives you access to private travel rates of 5%-30% off public rates (once our new HelloVacay experience launches in the coming weeks).

Continue playing to reach 100 points, and you’ll have reached the threshold to be entered into the drawing to win HelloVacay luggage tags. There will be 25 lucky 3rd-place winners.

For those who reach 250 points, you’ll be entered into our 2nd place prize drawing. Second-place prizes include your choice of a $100 Visa gift card or a waterproof Bluetooth speaker. There will be 10 winners chosen at random in this category.

Our grand prize drawing will be held on March 1, 2023, and the winner will be randomly selected from among participants who have reached 500 points.

The grand prize winner has a choice of either luggage or an exclusive Ambassador Passport.

Complete contest rules are available here

Preview of HelloVacay Sweepstakes Prizes