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Look! We fixed travel memberships

In the past, travel memberships have always been fees you pay year after year with no retained value and often no ability to transfer to anyone else. We've changed all that by assigning the value of membership to limited numbers of digital “passports” that act as a key to private travel rates, benefits and community the world over. So there you have it; problem solved: no ongoing fees of any kind and you can transfer or sell your passport whenever you like. Bon Voyage!

It couldn’t be easier or more free



HelloVacay Passports are your digital key to unlocking wholesale, discounted room rates that are much better than those publicly available.


Store a Passport

Simply follow the prompts to create an account to store your passport. You can create an account using email and password, or by signing into your already existing Google or Facebook account.


Get my Passport

In order to get a passport you need to have earned a passport redemption code right here (don't worry, it's free to earn) and then enter that code on the Pilot Passport redemption page.

Casual wanderer or a more serious nomad?

The choice is yours

The Pilot Passport

This is the limited-edition collection that starts it all. It’s a preview of what’s coming but, more importantly, it’s your digital key that will unlock truly private travel rates all over the world that are not listed on the public booking sites. We offer it free to you right now for just a brief moment in time.

  • Access to truly private rates of up to 35% off public rates
  • Automatic whitelist to our upcoming launch
  • Access to our private travel community
  • Discounts on physical art representing your Passport

The Ambassador Passport

Say hello to the Ambassador Passport: a highly limited collection of twenty-five man-made wonders of the world designed to be used as your new digital key on the HelloVacay platform. Simply put, the Ambassador is for the wanderer that knows travel will always be high on the list of priorities.

  • Access to truly private rates of up to 55% off public rates
  • Airport VIP lounge access enrollment
  • Automatic whitelist to our upcoming Founders Passport launch
  • Access to our private travel community
  • Donation to water well creation for those in need
  • Discounts on physical art representing your Passport