HelloVacay Partners with DOSI to Offer Exclusive Travel Benefits through NFTs

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with LINE NEXT Inc., creator of the global NFT platform DOSI. This collaboration will allow DOSI users to access special HelloVacay travel benefits through exclusive NFTs.

The NFTs will be launched on the DOSI Citizen Store on October 6th, 2023.

Sold as DOSI Citizen Friends x HelloVacay Collaboration “Cockatiel” NFTs, the highly-limited Cockatiel NFTs offer holders unpublished, private travel rates up to 60% off public prices at hotels, resorts, and other accommodations worldwide.

NFT holders will also enjoy VacayDelay airport lounge access and other VIP benefits. Each Cockatiel NFT represents a premium HelloVacay travel membership, with no additional membership fees.

“DOSI users are some of the most enthusiastic out there. We're excited to empower them with our NFT-gated travel memberships,” said Ryan Beachum, HelloVacay co-founder. “Now DOSI users can access private-rate travel discounts and VIP treatment by simply connecting these NFT Passports to the HelloVacay application.”

The NFT Passports are integrated with the DOSI blockchain ecosystem, so they can be traded and sold on the DOSI Citizen Store marketplace. This allows the benefits to be transferred between users.

This innovative collaboration combines the convenience of mobile platforms like DOSI with the flexibility of NFTs and blockchain technology. It provides a new way for travelers to access exclusive deals and perks.

The partnership also aligns with our mission of making travel more accessible through technology. By leveraging DOSI's global user base, the company can continue disrupting the travel industry.

To learn more about the DOSI Citizen Friends x HelloVacay Collaboration Cockatiel NFT and its benefits, visit the DOSI Citizen Store website.

About LINE NEXT Inc.

Based in the United States, LINE NEXT Inc. is focused on growing the global NFT business. Through blockchain and NFT technology, LINE NEXT aims to provide new digital experiences and lead the way into the future.

About HelloVacay

HelloVacay offers Web3-powered travel memberships featuring unpublished, private rates on accommodations, benefits such as airport lounge access and more. Corresponding membership, ‘Passport’ NFTs make memberships transferable and sellable.

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