Exclusive Per Visit Lounge Fees

With VacayDelay, you and your fellow travelers receive complimentary lounge access when your registered flight is delayed one hour or more.

With HelloLounge Anytime Access, you receive a 30% discount* on your on-demand standard entry fee.

*International lounge entry discounts may vary.

HelloLounge VacayDelay
Available lounges
  • 87 lounges available now
  • 1300+ lounges to be added in early 2024
1300+ lounges
When are vouchers issued? Upon purchase, no flight delay required! When a registered flight is delayed by one hour or more
Who has access? Vouchers are sold individually and are purchasable for the HelloVacay member and their travel companions. HelloVacay member, plus up to 4 free registered travel companions.
Lounge entry fee
  • Pilot members: 15% off standard entry fee
  • Ambassador members: 30% off standard entry fee

*Prices vary internationally

No entry fee with delayed flight voucher
Registration deadline 1 hour before desired reservation 6 hours before scheduled flight departure

Your early purchase of HelloLounge includes an ENTIRE YEAR of HelloVacay Ambassador membership.

For just $29, you’ll get:

  • HelloLounge Anytime Access Rolling out now! 87 lounges available
  • VacayDelay Airport Lounge Access for Flight Delays at 1300 lounges worldwide
  • Ambassador Rates on Hotel Bookings (up to 60% off public rates!) at over 150,000 properties worldwide

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