DOSI Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a HelloVacay Cockatiel NFT?

A limited number of HelloVacay Cockatiel NFTs will be available for purchase at on October 6, 2023.

What are the benefits of the HelloVacay Cockatiel NFT?

Holders of the HelloVacay Cockatiel NFT can connect their DOSI wallet to to receive an HelloVacay Ambassador membership. The Ambassador membership includes private-rate hotels, priced 7-60% lower than public rates, airport lounge access during flight delays (must register flight and be delayed by 60+ minutes), and lifetime benefits as long as you hold the NFT in your connected DOSI wallet.

Is the HelloVacay Cockatiel NFT transferable or sellable?
Yes, it is. However, having the NFT in your DOSI wallet is required to maintain your Ambassador membership level with HelloVacay. This is a special collaboration between DOSI and Hellovacay. This Citizen Friends x HelloVacay Cockatiel NFT is connected with HelloVacay’s Ambassador level membership. If you no longer have the HelloVacay Cockatiel NFT in your DOSI account, your HelloVacay account will be downgraded from Ambassador to registered member, which has a lower level of benefits.
I have a HelloVacay Cockatiel NFT—what do I do now?

Congratulations on acquiring one of the limited edition HelloVacay Cockatiel NFTs! Please visit and register for a HelloVacay account, or sign in if you already have an account. Once you are signed in, click “Connect Wallet,” then select DOSI from the menu. A DOSI log-in page will open; select your DOSI log-in method, and follow the instructions presented on the screen.

How do I confirm that I have the Ambassador membership level after connecting my wallet?
To view your current membership level on, select the menu and then select “My Membership.” Your membership level display “Current Plan.”
How do I sell or transfer my HelloVacay Cockatiel NFT?
Sales or transfer of the HelloVacay Cockatiel NFT are done at
Who should I contact if I purchased a HelloVacay Cockatiel NFT and can not locate it?

Please contact DOSI for support if you are having difficulty locating your HelloVacay Cockatiel NFT in your DOSI wallet.