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If you’re considering the remote work lifestyle, you probably know this….

You’re going to be at the airport a lot.

Why not be at the airport the way the pros do it?

A brand-new partnership has allowed us to create VacayDelay–a way to make airport lounge access available for pennies on the dollar.

Every time I’ve pitched the idea of making airport lounges available with a HelloVacay membership, that single idea gets more interest and excitement than any of our other benefits.

The question is…can I make airport lounge access a no-brainer…so simple, so affordable that everyone will want to try it? 

The answer is we’re testing right now…

A few benefits of an airport lounge include:

  • A peaceful hideaway from the hectic airport terminal with a sense of luxury
  • Free snacks and beverages…often including beer, wine & cocktails
  • Comfortable seats & workstations with free WiFi to work on-the-go
  • Family-friendly atmosphere, including kid’s rooms in many cases
  • Some even have showers!

With VacayDelay, you simply register your flight number and the names of your fellow passengers with us and we'll track your flight's status. 

In the event of a 60-minute or more flight delay, we immediately send you an SMS to your mobile number alerting you to grab your PDF vouchers so you can chill in style in an airport lounge…for yourself and up to 4 travel companions.

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