Affiliate Program Policies

  1. Affiliates agree to not make any misleading claims about HelloVacay’s products or services. All marketing materials are required to accurately represent our brand.
  2. It is the responsibility of Affiliates to disclose their relationship with HelloVacay and VacayDelay clearly on their marketing materials, social posts, and other content. Phrases like “Affiliate of HelloVacay” or “Advertiser for VacayDelay” are recommended.
  3. Affiliates may not use unethical marketing practices like spamming, false advertising, cookie stuffing, etc.
  4. Affiliates are required to link to our website using appropriate text links, banners, buttons, etc.
  5. Affiliates may not bid on our brand name, trademarks or variations of them in Pay-Per-Click networks.
  6. Affiliates may not post their affiliate links in our PPC advertising.
  7. Affiliates are provided a unique referral link to track sales. Using any other links or trying to claim commissions not generated through your link is prohibited.
  8. Affiliates are provided graphics to use for promotion. The HelloVacay and VacayDelay logos may not be used in affiliate-generated visuals or landing pages without written permission.
  9. Affiliates may not attempt to directly compete with our business by selling our products directly on other websites. All sales must be directed to our website.
  10. Affiliate commission structure is a one-time payment for new memberships and member upgrades.
  11. Affiliate traffic cookie period is 90 days.
  12. We reserve the right to withhold payment of commissions gained through fraudulent, illegal or unethical practices.
  13. We reserve the right to terminate any affiliate account without notice for a violation of these policies or the affiliate agreement.
  14. These policies may be updated at any time. Affiliates are expected to review them periodically.