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Exit vs. Rent Your Timeshare

What You Need to Know

  • Are rising maintenance fees draining the enjoyment from your timeshare?
  • Do you feel stuck in a vacation property you rarely use?
  • Have you considered exiting your timeshare, but are wary of the costs and potential scams?

The Timeshare Exit Trap

Understanding the Pitfalls of Timeshare Exit Strategies

High Costs & Fees

Timeshare exit companies often charge upwards of $5,000 in upfront fees to begin the exit process, with no guarantees that they will successfully release you from your contract in the end.

Scam Risks

Over 80% of timeshare exit companies are fraudulent operations that take owners' money but fail to fulfill on promises of contract termination, leading many owners to lose thousands of dollars.

Legal Complexities

Even when reputable, the timeshare exit process often devolves into prolonged legal battles between exit companies, timeshare developers, and owners themselves over contract disputes, resulting in years of costly litigation with uncertain outcomes.

The Rental Solution

Leveraging Timeshare Rental to Offset Costs and Generate Income

Income Generation

By renting out your owned timeshare unit during peak seasonal weeks or when you cannot personally use the week, you can easily cover all yearly maintenance fees and potentially generate thousands in rental income each year.


Timeshare rental allows owners flexibility in choosing which years/weeks to rent versus use based on changing needs, with the option to bank or save points as well in many programs.

Market Demand

With the vacation rental market booming and expected to top $114 billion this year, listing an owned timeshare taps into surging traveler demand for amenities-packed lodging options over traditional hotels.

Comparing Exit vs. Rental

Why Renting Outweighs Exiting: A Comparative Analysis

Factor Timeshare Exit Timeshare Rental
Cost High upfront fees, often $5,000+ with no guarantee of success Minimal fees to list property for rent
Risk High risk of engaging with exit scam company and losing money Low risk way to offset costs
Income Potential No potential for income, only aim is to exit timeshare Can fully cover maintenance fees and generate additional rental income
Time Commitment Lengthy exit process can take years with prolonged legal battles Flexible based on owner's rental preferences each year
Contract Status Goal is to terminate contract fully Maintain ownership of timeshare
Future Flexibility No future use or rental potential once exited Can continue to use or rent out timeshare in future years

Getting Started with Timeshare Rental

Your Path to Timeshare Rental Success Starts Here

  1. Research the rental market
    Conduct research on sites like and TUG (Timeshare Users Group) to gauge average rental rates at your resort and view rental listings to understand competition. Consider amenities, unit size, view, and season to determine a competitive price.
  2. Check resort rules
    Contact your homeowner’s association to confirm policies around renting out owned units. There may be restrictions, rules, or fees to be aware of.
  3. List on rental platforms
    Create listings on major vacation rental sites like, TUG, and additional platforms like Airbnb and Vrbo. Include photos, details on amenities and location, rental terms, rates, and calendar availability.
  4. Market your listing
    Drive traffic to your listings by sharing on social channels and consider running small ads targeting relevant areas and travel dates.
  5. Manage bookings and paperwork
    Direct bookings, collect payment, and complete rental agreements. Remember to report rental income on your taxes appropriately.

Or, Let Us Do The Work For You


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