Claim Your Limited-Edition Ambassador Passport

Ready to upgrade to access even deeper private travel rates not available on the public booking sites? We thought you would never ask. Say hello to the Ambassador Passport: a highly limited collection of twenty-five man-made wonders of the world to be used as your new digital key on the HelloVacay platform. Simply put, this is for the wanderer that is very serious about being an active world citizen.

  • Access to private rates of 7% to 60% off public rates
  • VacayDelay: Free airport lounge access for any flight delay over one hour
  • HelloLounge: Unlimited on-demand access to 1,300+ airport lounges internationally*
  • Pre-sale opportunity with guaranteed option to purchase future Passport collections
  • Access to our private travel community and events
  • 24/7 member support
While the travel rates provided to you are exclusive private travel rates not available to the public, we cannot guarantee that similar (or occasionally better) deals may not be found elsewhere due to isolated exceptions.

*One free entry credit received upon initial Ambassador membership purchase

Flexible payment option available
Selection of HelloVacay Ambassador Passports