Claim Your Limited-Edition Ambassador Passport NFT

Say hello to the Ambassador Passport NFT: a highly limited collection of twenty-five man-made wonders of the world.

This is your digital key that unlocks exclusive private travel rates on the HelloVacay platform.

And because we use NFT technology, you can sell or transfer your membership rights whenever you like.

Flexible payment option available

ambassador passport NFT

We’re sharing our Founder’s level benefits with an extremely limited number of early adopters.

And by claiming your Ambassador Passport NFT today, you’ll not only get the same exact benefits enjoyed by our Founder’s circle, you’ll also save 50% on your NFT purchase.

We’ve done the math.

Your Ambassador Passport purchase can pay for itself in the savings you’ll get from just 2-3 hotel bookings with HelloVacay!

What you get today:

  • Access to private rates of 7% to 85% off public rates
  • VacayDelay: Free airport lounge access for any flight delay over one hour for yourself and up to four people traveling with you
  • Access to our private travel community and events
  • 24/7 member support

Truly private rates of 7% to 85% off public rates at 70,000 properties worldwide.

VacayDelay: Airport lounge access for any flight delay over one hour for yourself +4 companions.
Membership in a private travel community of early adopters and travel insiders.

No recurring fees. Transferable or sellable at any time.

And this is just the beginning…

The HelloVacay Commitment is that we will continue to add value and benefits for our Ambassador Passport holders with no additional fees ever.

In a few short weeks, you’ll get access to the brand-new HelloVacay mobile app.

And we have exciting add-ons coming, including multi-room condo access worldwide that’s perfect for digital nomads, unlimited airport lounge access, great deals on flights, and more.

Flexible payment option available